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Best Buy of the Day!

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Toms Desert Bootie in Suede!!!

These booties are the most comfortable shoes I have worn in a long time! They are as comfortable as a flat and are stylish too. Available in three colors, black, chestnut and taupe (featured in the picture above) these have been my NUMBER ONE PURCHASE FOR FALL!!! I have them in black and taupe and they are recently available in a charcoal wool fabric!

These are a steal at $88.95!!!

(Second picture: The New Charcoal Wool style)

Outfit of the day!

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Outfit of the day!

I am wearing:

Elie Tahari sleeveless shell (non plus size) in a lavender/purple hue

A black wrap sweater

BP scarf from Nordstrom (floral skulls)

Purple wax coated jeans from NYDJ

H&M Belt

Toms Desert Bootie in Taupe (as comfortable as flats!)


“Do I need all three of these?”

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When building a fun and functional closet there are some basics that are much needed for everyday life! No matter your age, demographic or job, these basics cann pull you through life. Now, I will start with the bottom basics meaning pants!

I am a strong believer that you can rule the world in a black pant! This is why I feel that at least three styles can pull you through:

1. A basic black slack : this can be a straight leg or slight boot cut. Something to dress up a blouse or wear to work (where fitting). You can take this pant to a funeral or straight to the rehearsal dinner of your friends wedding with a silk wrap top and pumps. (ex. Lafayette Men’s wear pant)

2. The wide- leg :. A wide leg looks amazing on most women. Many can pull off the look and do not even know it. This style is your ode to the fashion forward women in the aviator era. It is your go-to pant for an updated Woodstock revival. It is the pant you pull out with the crisp white blouse and the statement belt and shoe. This pant is figure flattering on most and for those ladies slightly vertically challenged pair it with the highest platform heel you can find and reduce the flare!

“But I am losing weight…”

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This has been the statements of statements throughout my styling career. It stays true for women a size 2 (who used to be a size 0), to size 24!

Women are always trying to lose weight, but the fact of the matter is, we need to look good at every size. There is no need to buy something a little tighter (and not as well fitting) because you hope to take up yoga and Zumba on the weekends. Nor is it alright to by pass the investment suit that actually is what you need at your level in your career to wait and get one when you lose weight!

“There is only one chance to make a first impression”,

Better put your best foot forward at all times and weights.

I have had clients that tried to use that excuse with me, guess what, 5 to 6 years later, the majority are the SAME size!

Yes we can lose weight, but why sacrifice a great trend or out fit now? Our tailors need to be our best friends! For investment pieces you can usually take the item down 2-3 sizes without losing the integrity of the garment and shape. If you lose more than that, oh well! Yay to you and you probably want all new clothes any how!!!

I know I would…..


Outfit of the day!

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This was my outfit from yesterday. My black and white theme runs through this outfit with two prints. My Olivia moon blazer and my DV Dolce Vita pony hair bootie. I added color with a bight purple top and paired it with a Vince Camuto tube skirt (which comes in a plethora of colors!),and Vince Camuto leggings. The outfit was completed by a black and gold necklace and gold watch (Fossil).


Shirley Brown

“Can I fit that?”

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The age old question of size has plagued women for centuries. The number or letter or word on the tag has dictated how we feel about ourselves for way too long!

Fit first! Regardless of the number, if the item fits then it is a go! Many women of the “plus” division, as myself, feel limited in their fashion options. I am here to prove you wrong and open the world of designer to you one smashing piece at a time!

So ladies, get your credit cards paid off and balance your check books, its a new era and I am your guide!!!