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“The Best thing…

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“The Best things in life are free; the second best are expensive” – Coco Chanel

Love this quote, it is so true! During this Holiday season it is so rewarding to give a gift of time, love, and self, but don’t forget to treat yourself too! Designer handbag clearances are all over town! Take advantage of the deals and bask in the moment of catching a fantastic deal on an item you didn’t know you needed but now you can not live without! Ahhhhh!


“But this one is on sale…..”

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Happy Holidays!!!

So during the holiday shopping season you will be faced with lots of self-purchase temptation, and its okay, indulge! The best of the season is out now so might as well jump in and complete the wardrobe!

You will be faced with an equal amount of discount buys. Shop smart not hard. Find pieces that truly fit and flatter no matter what! Make sure that you keep the integrity of an outfit. There are some places you can cut corners, but invest in core pieces that you will have longer than replenishment pieces.

A perfectly tailored coat that fits your needs and body should be purchased either on sale or full price. It is nice to find deals on items you love but for necessities it might be better to save up for a few weeks than settle for a less than flattering piece.


Complete the look, find some trendy pieces on sale and happy shopping!!!


“Just because it comes in your size….”

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This phrase is one that I have used with women of all shapes, sizes and ages. There is a constant battle of women who are going through middle age to want to dress younger than their teenage daughter, or women who are a size 22 to want to wear that bandage dress that is all the rage. Women, let us pay attention to items that are figure flattering and contemporary.

Contemporary has truly been my favorite word this year and will be for the next year as well. It really explains what we are all trying to do when it comes to style; be up to date, not wear pieces that age us or make us look bigger and keep some sex-appeal when necessary.

Yes, certain companies have seen the need for full-figured women to want to be in style and trendy and fashion-forward, but that does not mean that the halter top from Escada will translate well in a size 26, yet a knock off was manufactured (with the cut off shorts to go with it) and the young ladies went crazy! Oh my!

As women age and try to stay fit and healthy to keep up with the younger generation they can tend to forget that they are not 23 anymore but 53. Even though they are in the same size they were then, they need to adapt their style. One can be fashionable, fashion-forward and most of all contemporary without wearing the super tight mini pencil skirt and off the shoulder “The Ramones” t-shirt.

Learning how to tweak trends and styles to fit you and your body is the key! See what others are wearing in your size or age group and experiment till it feels just right. So, just because it comes in your size, does not mean you should wear it!!!”


Brand Feature : Corso Como

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So I am loving the Corso Como fall footwear collection! Their shoes and boots can truly take you anywhere in style at a great price! I am going to show you some fall trends for your feet featuring their collection. Feel free to focus on the style of the or the actual shoe/boot to enhance your shoe closet!!!

About Corso Como

Corso Como is an eco-friendly brand that uses high grade leather  and soft leather lining that controls humidity and allows your foot to breathe. Their Footwear is a perfect blend of a stylish yet comfortable shoe and boot! Corso Como promotes style with a conscience, the even donate a part of their sales to charity and use recyclable boxes and tissue.


Item of the Day : Marc by Marc Jacobs “Lizzie” Embossed Hobo

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This wonderful bag is a great addition to any closet for the fall and really all year, It incorporates several of the fall trends in handbags; exotic skins and versatile neutrals.

The longer strap allows for a cross-body switch and the shorter strap sits comfortably on most shoulders (at least mine and it “ain’t” small!). The gold hardware gives this bag a chic and classic finish. This bag is priced at $328 and is also available in Purple!




Item of the day : Skull Scarfs!

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To Splurge or to Save, that is the question. I present to you two fabu scarves and you decide!

First Scarf is the Alexander McQueen Skull scarf (he really made this type of scarf popular) at $295. Second, we have the TopShop Skull Scarf at $44. Both are 40 inches wide but the TopShop scarf is made out of Polyester versus the Silk scarf by McQuuen.

Decisions, Decisions… Cheers!