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“Can I fit that?”

Category : Advice · by Oct 17th, 2012

The age old question of size has plagued women for centuries. The number or letter or word on the tag has dictated how we feel about ourselves for way too long!

Fit first! Regardless of the number, if the item fits then it is a go! Many women of the “plus” division, as myself, feel limited in their fashion options. I am here to prove you wrong and open the world of designer to you one smashing piece at a time!

So ladies, get your credit cards paid off and balance your check books, its a new era and I am your guide!!!



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2515 days ago · Reply

I am so happy to see your number one fall pick. Not only have wedges made yet another comeback, it looks like they are here to stay! Cute pair of wedges makes it easy to be stylish and comfortable too. Thanks for the tip.

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